Business Strategy

The Group’s strategy is centred around backing sectors characterised by long term digitisation trends, that are in early stages of adoption and set to transform the workplace for professionals for the next few decades. Embracing a long-term perspective, the aim is to build a lasting and thriving business. This thinking shapes how investment is deployed in the business, the portfolio businesses and building relationships with clients and partners, with a strategy centred around consistency and continuous improvement.

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Business Characteristics

The strategy revolves around evaluating high-quality businesses, based on a set of key characteristics. These characteristics align with the management team’s vision and will enable businesses to consistently generate long-term value. The Company seeks businesses with:

  • highly predictable and visible recurring revenue streams;
  • strong customer retention;
  • mission critical products and services;
  • products or services in Sectors with high barriers to entry;
  • extensive opportunities for both organic and inorganic growth;
  • strong cash generation;
  • significant free cash flow generation; and/or
  • well-run establishments in highly fragmented industries with opportunities for consolidation potential.

Acquired Businesses

On 31 July 2023, we completed the acquisition of five software businesses. These acquired businesses operate across three fundamental areas: business solutions, compliance, and human capital management. Through these core specialisms, we deliver innovative software solutions and a platform that enables businesses and organisations to succeed in today's dynamic landscape whilst providing an enabler for digital transformation.