Our Businesses

We aim to empower our customers operations by streamlining complexities, automating repetitive tasks, and ultimately enhancing productivity, compliance, and engagement.

Business Solutions (IBSS):

Provision of financial management software solutions and services. Innovative software solutions allows organisations to achieve their financial and e-Business strategies by driving transformational changes. Its solutions can be hosted in both the private and public cloud and are trusted by more than 150 public, health and private organisations in the UK and Ireland. The use of AI and digitalisation are expected to be highly valuable to these markets.



Healthcare Compliance (CHKS):

One of the leading providers of healthcare intelligence compliance and benchmarking software to address the governance, risk and compliance needs of its healthcare customers. Its UK based tech-enabled solutions of accreditation, benchmarking and coding services play a role in transforming healthcare services, knowledge sharing and best practice to the healthcare industry globally.

Human Capital Management (Retain):

An industry leading global resource planning and talent management software and service provider. Its solutions integrate with leading enterprise resource planning systems and are trusted by some of the largest global consultancies to deliver effective management and allocation of resources; optimise utilisation and productivity, and enable efficient cost management, financial and staff planning tasks.



Human Capital Management (WFM):

A workforce management software provider, with well-established UK presence and embedded relationships across 300+ clients. Its ability to handle highly complex payroll calculations delivering a gross number through it comprehensive time and attendance and access control solutions provide real-time employee tracking with tangible efficiency benefits.